Mixtape Choirs in the workplace

Whether you’re a business, public sector organisation or a charity, no doubt you want your team to create and achieve something special. But how can a workplace choir help you to do that?

Singing together with colleagues is an amazing way to build happier, healthier and more committed teams. Choirs bring people into contact in a very equal and fun way, meaning the natural hierarchies and tensions that workplaces bring can be left at the door and staff can just enjoy themselves, as a group, for a while. This has an amazing effect on camaraderie and morale.

There is also loads of research to show that singing in a choir helps people to relieve anxiety, relax and be uplifted. Providing something that helps your team in this way can also help to combat stress and sickness in the workplace. After all, a happy team is a healthy team.

A Mixtape choir for your workplace will bring a broad range of songs to suit rock, pop, indie, soul and musical theatre fans alike, and anybody can join – we don’t use scores or sing scary solos! Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions can be arranged depending on your budget and requirements.

Get in touch with Rosie about bringing a Mixtape Choir to your workplace: rosie@mixtapechoirs.com.

Want a teambuilding or training workshops with a difference? One-off workshops are also available – these are great for away days or training activities.